Sitting In The High Chair
Who wrote this?
Thomas Kline wrote Sitting in the High Chair.
He wrote it on the basis of a dream – a dream which presented the whole story to its author in its entirety. I woke up one morning, jumped out of bed, grabbed a notebook and didn’t stop scribbling until the complete story was down on paper. A little polishing, a little editing, and the thing was done.
At that time I was setting up a website to showcase the work of unpublished authors. It was the start of the project and not many authors had submitted their work. So I thought, Hmm… What can I do about this?
My solution was to invent Thomas Kline and half a dozen other aliases and put my own stories on the website under these names. Sitting in the High Chair was one of these stories, and when a magazine approached and asked if they could print it I was too embarrassed to admit that Thomas Kline did not in fact exist…
It was my second story ever to get published and it went out under someone else’s name! Thomas Kline took the credit and laughed all the way to the bank. He even claimed to be working on a massive fantasy novel called Elven Dogs – my fantasy novel! What a duplicitous, thieving swine! I’ve done my best to avoid Mr Kline ever since…


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