The Book of New Creation
An Occupy philosophy
A religion for atheists
A map for the lost
The Book of New Creation is a philosophy for our times. It builds a framework for the occupy-activism around the world.  It offers ethical guidelines for human survival in the face of catastrophic climate change. William Tarkovsky tells us that the social processes which drive our society are far too great in their momentum to be altered from the outside. The nation states, the forces of commerce, the multinationals, all require a more powerful mechanism of change than external disapproval or condemnation. Outsider statements that these organisations are mistaken in their objectives will achieve little. The change that is needed will only come when those who participate in these processes embrace a new ethical code. The change – if change there is – must come from within. William Tarkovsky’s philosophy offers a catalyst for this change.
Given the importance of Tarkovsky’s insights I accepted with pleasure the commission of assembling these into a single text: The
Book of New Creation.
I urge you to download and read this work and to recommend it to friends and fellow activists. I believe that the ideas presented in
The Book should be taken very seriously indeed.
The Book of New Creation is approximately seventy-five A4 pages in length.



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