Now We Are Green
What happens when your father becomes the leader of a cult?
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Against the backdrop of climate change Now We Are Green tells the story of Rachel Tarkovsky’s visit to the Temple of New Creation, headquarters of an evangelical eco-cult created by her father.
New Creationism, combining humanism and militant environmentalism, has swept through the Western world, challenging both contemporary religion and democratic politics – and the Tarkovsky family have paid a terrible price for this success.
Rachel’s motive in visiting the temple is to extract her brother Paul from the cult. Instead she finds her own reservations overwhelmed by the seductive attractions of her father’s creed, particularly as embodied in the very specific attractions of charismatic disciple Raiff.
As Rachel navigates her way through the beginnings of a love affair and becomes involved in New Creationism’s day-to-day activities she comes to understand the workings of a modern cult, at the same time finding herself in the war zone between New Creationism and the climate change deniers.
If you have ever felt anxiety at the threat of global warming then you will also have asked yourself how such a threat can be averted. What precautions must we take? How must our society change if it is to survive? With such questions in mind I leapt at the opportunity of providing a fictionalised account of New Creationism and the life of William Tarkovsky.
This novel should be read in conjunction with William Tarkovsky’s philosophical work The Book of New Creation, also available on this website. Now We Are Green is approximately one hundred and seventy-five A4 pages in length.


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