A Green Philosophy
Why this is important
Eco-philosopher William Tarkovsky has many thousands of followers, friends and fans on the internet. People all over the world attend his regular posts about man’s place within the biosphere and the evolutionary purpose of human existence.
It would be a great shame if these messages to humanity were not combined in a single volume and thus preserved. I have therefore taken it upon myself to seek out all of Tarkovsky’s numerous internet posts, blogs, tweets and articles and compile them under the single title, A Green Philosophy.
To describe Tarkovsky as ‘green’ is to understate the case. The Book of New Creation has shown that he is also concerned with the role of the individual within the social machine we ourselves have produced and the possibilities of personal fulfilment. He tells us that the social world is not ours to receive but ours to create. It is for this reason that his philosophy is called ‘New Creationism’.
He writes, ‘We have achieved so much. What can prevent us from achieving so much more?’
A Green Philosophy is approximately 85 A4 pages in length. It is most attractive in pdf format. The photography is by Eve Andreski (see www.eveandreski.com). Please read this work with conviction and care – and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to visit this website and read it too. New Creationism is a philosophy that deserves to be shared…


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