To The Bridge
Why write this?
How much can I tell you about To The Bridge without giving away more than the reader might wish? Only a little, I think.
To The Bridge is about cancer, but only in passing. More than that, it is about redemption, love and the existential beauty of being alive.
Set in the city of Bristol, it tells the story of a mobile phone salesman, Michael Leap, and his wife Sarah, whom he passionately loves. It tells of three journeys which Michael undertakes – only one of which reaches its planned destination.
Views from some who have read the book:
“When the props that support you start to crumble the journey to the bridge becomes an option that only exists in the mind’s darkest recesses. In a strange way To The Bridge provides hope for those of us who have returned from a dark place. The novel draws you in, a little bit like Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.” – Pete Husband, Market Trader
“For those of us who have lived through the cancer of a loved one, Michael Leap’s tale is a chilling reminder of the scars left on those nearby. I liked the book. It reminded me of Ian McEwan.” – John Burke, Environmental Health Consultant
“Highly evocative of the atmosphere and landmarks  of  Bristol. Keeps you intrigued and engaged right the way through. An  excellent read.” – Bob Jones, website designer
I wrote this book partly to explore the pain of a relationship coming to an end, partly to express the sheer joy of being alive and choosing to love. It’s a short novel, approximately one hundred and twenty-five A4 pages in length, subject to download format. Part 1 is in past tense; Part Two in present tense; Part Three in simple future tense. Let me know if you think you know why…



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