The Hobbit meets Roald Dahl
Swog is short, fat, ugly and bald – and yet he is tenacious, intelligent, compassionate and bold. What is more, he has a tongue that grows, as the story is told, from normal human dimensions to over seven metres in length. It is a tongue with which much can be done. It is a tongue which gets kind-hearted Swog into very deep water.
This fantasy novel is a tale of loyalty, appetite and adventure. It is set in a future where civilisation is once again feudal and the Empire of the Outer Hebrides is a power to be reckoned with. It is a book which gives children nightmares and makes adults yearn for their youth. Of all the books I’ve written, it is the one which my eighty-seven year old aunt liked the best…
She wrote, ‘I love your wild imagination and the wonderful characters! Write more Swog books! A whole series!’
I promised her I would. I just need a little more time…
Swog is approximately one hundred and seventy-five A4 pages in length. I would love to hear if your assessment is the same as
my aunt's… All feedback is welcome.


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