William Tarkovsky
An introduction
We are part of a mission that began when life began, that will not cease until all life ceases. We are part of the great, thrusting project of evolution, within which we shall never be alone, as part of which we have not just one life but a thousand million lives.
                                                             William Tarkovsky, Jan 2011
William Tarkovsky is founder of New Creationism: the philosophy that we can create the world anew on the basis of humanism, sustainability and service, the very converse of so-called 'creationist' beliefs in the past.
He is source of the philosophical writings compiled by Luke Andreski in The Book of New Creation and A Green Philosophy, both of which formulate the tenets of New Creationism. These works are available for download from this website.
Tarkovsky has many thousands of contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites. He is unique amongst eco-activists and philosophers in using the internet as his primary means of publication and communication. In recent years he has assembled an international group of friends and followers who have rebranded “creationism” as an environmentalist slogan.
Many see William Tarkovsky as a visionary. Others see him as offering a secular and humane alternative to religion at a time of potentially catastrophic climate change.
In these uncertain and worrying times, if William Tarkovsky did not exist the world would have to invent him.
William Tarkovsky writes:
“I am utterly in love with life – and I believe that it is the duty of our species to love life in all its amazing biological forms.
       “In my work I seek to address the responsibility we have towards nature, the responsibility we have for our own nature, and our duty to understand and mitigate the impact our species is having upon the natural world.”
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